We will unite the University of Texas queer community through the medium of song; a big beautiful choir of Gays and Lesbians, Transfolk and Bisexuals, STRAIGHT ALLIES and everything in between. Not only will our goals be to entertain throughout campus, and throughout our community, we will spread awareness of LGBTQ issues through themes, select songs, and charitable fundraising. We will be positive role models, each and every one of us. We will educate both on and off stage. We will break boundaries within the queer community by creating one, inclusive and embracing all-around QUEER chorus. We will break boundaries between the queer and straight communities by performing for all who will have us and will appreciate good music performed by good people. Oh, and not to mention we’ll provide a safe space for all members and observers where life-long friends will be made and where we can have a gay ‘ole time , because that’s what its all about. QUEER CHORUS AT UT, creating change by creating music!